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Attorney Deron Andre has litigated numerous cases in his career, and he understands the significant investment of time, effort, and money that is required of litigants in civil lawsuits. In recent years, the rising cost of litigation has spurred a movement toward alternative dispute resolution, which most often takes the form of non-binding mediation. In mediation, the parties submit their dispute to a mediator, who works with both sides to see if they can reach an amicable resolution before incurring significant courts costs and attorney's fees. Mediation has become popular, especially among business owners, as a cost-effective alternative to litigation.

Mediators do not represent either party, and can therefore provide an objective viewpoint regarding the issues. Usually, the mediator's fee is shared equally by the parties. Mediation is not binding, which means that the parties may be encouraged, but are not required, to reach a settlement.

If you file a lawsuit in civil court, most courts will require you to participate in alternative dispute resolution with the opposing party before the case can proceed to trial. However, you may also attempt to settle the dispute before you or the other party files suit and incurs court costs and attorney's fees.

If you have a business, real estate, or other civil dispute, Attorney Andre can act as a mediator to help facilitate an amicable resolution. Return to Top

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